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Hello hello, squee-ers!!!! IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!

You may have noticed that we haven't been posting lately! And that's because we've decided that we're going to change some things up to generate more SQUEEEEE!!!

Here are a few changes:
-- We're still doing themes, and they'll be per month. This month is AUROR MONTH!!!!
-- Instead of doing weekly squees, we will now be doing it monthly. Every month we will have a timeline:
  > The first week we will announce the stories and art [there will be several because you have a whole month to read and get your squeeeeees ready!]
  >The second week we'll post a reminder on hd_storyroom
  >The third week we'll have an additional reminder and the date and time for when the squee will be.
  >The fourth week, on the last Saturday of the month, we will be hosting SQUEE TIME in chatzy and on the posts, where everyone can compare and contrast stories and art, or simply SQUEE for all of them!!!!

SO! Because this is the first Saturday of the month, here are your AUROR THEMED FICS AND ART that will be featured in June!!!!!

FIC: One Harry Potter, please. (If possible, seduced and ready) by faithwood
FIC: Agnus Dei by silentauror 
FIC: My Nawa Jujun by romaine24
ART:  Hot Pursuit by naadi

WHEW!!!! Lots of goodies to read and watch for this summery month of June!!! AUROR AWESOMENESS, I MUST SAY!!!

Get all of your squees together and be sure to watch out for those reminders for the official discussion post!!! If you have any questions, please to be messagin' bleedforyou1 or nenne!!!

your ever-squeeing mods!

p.s. remember that the suggy box is always open and taking suggestions!!!
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