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There is time for squeeing even in summer, right?

We still have a summer break, but now that the big fests in June and July are all over we will come with a few rec's. This post will be all about the Mpreg-fest at harrydracompreg . Link to Master list.

First of all, the fest was amazing! The mods did a fantastic job and there were so many participants. There was amazing art of all varieties. It was really hard to pick a couple to sort of represent the fest.

1. Wonderfully flangsty Nearly time... by moonlitdark 
2. Picture perfect The Malfoy-Potter Potter-Malfoy Mantle by amythystluna 
3. Cute chibis Cooking and Cuddles and Cakes, Oh My!  by brinimc 

The fics came in all shapes and forms. Short and fluffy, long and plotty, some angsty and some totally feel good from begin til end and everything in between.  I know I have a few left to read still, there were so many, but I will anyway pick out a few for squeeing about here. I made a list of all the stories I wanted to recommend you all read first, as in now, but that turned out to be more than half the stories, so I decided to narrow it down to three. I urge you to look at the master list and find more stories for yourself, but first the these three:

1.The Silent World Within You by femmequixotic and noeon 

This is a novel length story (96k) and it couldn't have been one word shorter. It is a wonderful story set at Hogwarts, everyone stays in character, people develop and grow. One reviewer called this an H/D classic and I think they were right. This will stay with the fandom in the years to come.

2. The Golden Threads  by sassy_cissa 

Starting off from a fantastic prompt, this story is pure joy to read. :) I was smiling the whole time I read it. Hermione is fantastic in this and Luna is Luna. Enough said. :D

3. A Day at the Park by taradiane 

This story has a very different take on mpreg than the other two here. The mpreg happened many years ago and we meet the child early on in the story. Even if Harry and Draco are grown up in this story they still feel wonderfully in character and their reasoning and reactions are so natural and human.

Again, please go look at the Master list and find more art and stories. Go, read, enjoy! :D

Tags: [long/chaptered fic], art, author: femmequixotic, author: noeon, author: sassy_cissa, author: taradiane, fic, mpreg, rated: nc-17, story post
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